1. Lean domain search

You can search various options regarding your domain name by typing certain keywords. Once you type those keywords you will be generated with at least hundreds of domain name options that you could use. These domain names are ones with a .com extension. You are also provided with tools that can filter out your searches alphabetically. The keywords that are related to your business can be used to find a variety of options regarding the domain names.

  1. Bust a name

Bust a name has various tools that can help individuals filter out all the search options regarding the domain name that fits best with your business needs. You can start by inserting keywords and find domains that either begin or end with the keyword. Once the search has been completed the results can be filtered out depending on what you want. Bust a name will also help you find domain names with a variety of extensions such as .com and .net and you will also get suggestions related to your keywords that you could use. If in any case you do not have a keyword you wish to use, you can make a random search and check whether or not you find a catchy idea regarding your domain name. When you find the domain name that you like you can buy it through domain registrars such as GoDaddy.com.

  1. Shopify business name generator

Even though the shopify business name generator seems like it would generate only business related domain names, it is not true as it can provide domain names for any kind of business or platform. You can simply begin by inserting in the keywords related to your business and you will be given several suggestions that might interest you. The shopify business name generator may recommend you to produce a shopify shop but you can simply buy the website address from somewhere else.

  1. Nameboy

Nameboy is another domain name generator that helps you to create domain names with the help of keywords that you suggest. They have the option that shows which domain name extensions are available and which ones are already in use by somebody else. Namboy will also help you find those domain names that are up for a resale or those that agree to rhyming keywords. Nameboy works best if you already have a good knowledge about the keywords that you want to use.


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