Slowly but steadily, the world is going digital. This means that web hosting and domain names are here to stay. Between the USA web hosting and Canadian Cloud Web Hosting Best companies, one thing is for certain, the quality of services delivering by these providers is improving. So much so that finding cheap web hosting, as well as free web hosting providers that deliver the results is not an alien concept.

Moreover, with the continued demand for domain names, the prices domains have is also on the rise. Especially those with gTLD extensions. What is gTLD name? Well, it is a subcategory of Top Level Domains (TLD) that have domains extension like com, org, and net.

Future of web hosting

Simply put, cloud hosting is the future of web hosting. There are different types of web hosting services. And while all are used currently, the demand for cloud hosting is increasing. While other options are limited in terms of scalability and efficiency, cloud hosting is likely to grow because of its potential. Due to this, its cost will decrease and the reliance on software rather than hardware will increase. With the decrease in cost, prices will also decrease. This will make cloud hosting accessible for small businesses and start-ups.

Future of domain names

Chances are .com will continue to rule the domain name market. Among the different types of domain names, ones with com extension are generally premium domains. This trend is likely to continue in the future even though new gTLD are always flooding the market.

The number of domain name registration is likely to remain the measure of success. Even though there are flaws in this metrics, people continue to use it to value different domain names.

What does this mean for you?

This just means that if you plan to use a com extension, you might have to pay a slightly high price. You can search other available options on Domain Whois, which is a domains name generator. Search for domain name ideas and see whether you can afford the ones you like.


The fact that there is a bright future for web hosting and domain names show how deeply we are dependent on online platforms. If you haven’t embraced online platforms already, make sure to do so. Or else, be prepared to be left behind.


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